Power On Plants | Finding Plant Based Joy

Ep #168 - Why It’s So Hard To Get Healthy And How To Get Lasting Results

August 22, 2022 Regain Your Energy & Reclaim Your Life Episode 168
Power On Plants | Finding Plant Based Joy
Ep #168 - Why It’s So Hard To Get Healthy And How To Get Lasting Results
Show Notes

Hi, Sunshine! 

Today we’re sharing something that’s super important for you to understand on your whole food plant based journey….why it has been such a struggle for you to get healthy up until now. Could it be that it’s NOT because you aren’t balancing your calories “right” or that you have an “eating problem.” Could it be that the odds have been intentionally be stacked against you!? 

In this eye opening episode it’s our hearts’ desire that you see what’s really going on behind closed doors so that you have the ability to break free from the hold that food seems to have on you once and for all!

We want you to have hope, because it is entirely possible, and even enjoyable, to break free from dieting (doing things you absolutely hate in the name of getting healthy) and the health struggles that keep you from living the full life you deserve. But first, you have to understand why those struggles are a part of your daily life in the first place. And that’s what we’re sharing with you today! 🎉

By learning how to regularly enjoy the flavorful meals we love most, and make them taste great using the most nutrient dense foods on the planet (whole plant foods) we are thriving at 50! This was not our story 10 years ago. We were suffering with daily aches and pains, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease, and vascular disease (clogged arteries). Anita also had a horrible bladder condition called interstitial cystitis and fibrocystic breast disease, both of which are now completely gone! And together we’ve lost over 75 pounds without ever having to go on a diet. Praise God we’ve found the realistic, healthy, tasty, enjoyable way to live plant based and we are thriving. And we promise that if we can do if, you can too! 🎈

If you feel frustrated by not knowing how to get healthy naturally and stay that way, this is the episode for you!

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