Power On Plants | Finding Plant Based Joy

Ep #191 - The Mindset That's More Important Than Progress For Reaching Your Health Goals

January 30, 2023 Jarrod Roussel, PA-C and Anita Roussel, BSN Episode 191
Power On Plants | Finding Plant Based Joy
Ep #191 - The Mindset That's More Important Than Progress For Reaching Your Health Goals
Show Notes

🌱 When you start something new of course you want it to go perfectly, but then the first time you "stumble" you start feeling like you've failed or "fallen off the wagon."

Then fear of failure or "not doing things perfectly" can keep you from moving forward and being able to live the vibrant life you so desperately desire.

🤔 Of course you have in mind how you want things to go, we get it because we've been there too...

* Weight loss
* More Energy
* Normal Blood Pressure
* Decreased Cholesterol
* Feeling Great Every Day
* Preventing and reversing the most common "chronic" diseases of our time,     
  (including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, migraines, digestive
  disorders, and the list goes on...)

These are all known, well-documented results of living plant based, BUT...  

As a plant based beginner or even a seasoned vegan who's making the switch to a healthy whole food plant-based lifestyle, there are the critical mindset pieces that you must have in place if you want to avoid discouragement to successfully reach your goals.

So in this episode, we're excited to share the winning strategies and mindset shifts that will change everything! But...

Of course, you could just keep studying and learning more and more about the whole food plant based lifestyle, waiting until you know "enough" to get started...OR you could take one new thing that you've learned from us and start doing it today. ➡️ And you know what?!

If you simply learn and then take action on one new thing that builds true health from the inside out each week, you will have 52 new healthy habits by the end of the year, and that, sister, translates to loads more energy, vibrance, and the ability to live the full life you've been longing to live!  💃🏻

☀️ Sunshine, what we don't want is for you to have in mind exactly how your health journey is going to go, and then stop the day before your breakthrough would have been found, when you were on the brink of full-blown plant based joy! 🎈

Jarrod and I are beyond excited to be sharing these life-changing, simple nutrition strategies with you, and...

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