Power On Plants | Finding Plant Based Joy

EP #194 - Whole Food Plant Based Main Meal Ideas You'll Love! 🌱

February 20, 2023 Jarrod Roussel, PA-C and Anita Roussel, BSN Episode 194
Power On Plants | Finding Plant Based Joy
EP #194 - Whole Food Plant Based Main Meal Ideas You'll Love! 🌱
Show Notes

Whether you’re new to whole food plant-based living, and you’re not really sure what to eat as a plant based beginner, or…

You’ve been eating plant based for a while, and you need some new, delicious meals to try (like, “I seriously can’t eat another bowl of salad or chili this week…know what I mean?!”) you are going to loooove this episode! 🎉

Today Jarrod and I are sharing the insider secrets on a variety of plant based main meal favorites that continue to thrill our family and clients again and again.

Now, if you’ve been a part of the POP family for long, you know that we are all about making plant based eating quick, simple, and delicious, so you can heal your body, gain vibrant energy, and thrive in life. And each one of these meal ideas fits that bill to a T! 🙌🏼

Sunshine, if you’re ready to heal naturally and leave your health struggles behind, so you can live life to the fullest, then click play now and let’s get to it! 🎈

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