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Ep #201 - How She Lost 165 Pounds and He Reversed Type 2 Diabetes | Clean Food Mama

April 10, 2023 Jarrod Roussel, PA-C and Anita Roussel, BSN Episode 201
Power On Plants | Finding Plant Based Joy
Ep #201 - How She Lost 165 Pounds and He Reversed Type 2 Diabetes | Clean Food Mama
Show Notes

Need some whole food plant based weight loss inspiration? Then you’re in the right place, because in this episode Clean Food Mama, Stephanie Collazo, is sharing how she lost 165 pounds naturally, without weight loss pills, reading multiple weight loss books, or taking weight loss injections. Instead, she chose to adopt an enjoyable whole food plant based diet and as a result has found lasting health and a lifestyle she loves! 🌱

This is not your traditional diet plan. Thankfully, she and her family didn’t have to count calories in food, eat a tiny portion of food, keep up with macronutrients, grams, or calories either. Hear how Stephanie used healthy feel good food to gain energy, mental clarity, and reverse disease with food.

🤯 Learning how to prepare healthy family recipes also helped her husband reversed his Type II Diabetes symptoms in just 8 weeks! That’s right… he no longer has type 2 Diabetes Mellitus! He didn’t reverse his high blood sugar symptoms with the typical diabetic diet or diabetic medications, but by choosing to learn the delicious way to enjoy real whole foods. 

Next, she shares the incredible results her mom and children also experienced as they grew nutrition smart and started adding more and more of the most nutritious food on the planet to their lives. It’s truly amazing what plant based nutrition can do when it comes to getting to the root cause of disease, preventing, and even reversing it! 🎉

When done right, adopting a whole food diet isn’t like dieting at all. Stephanie and her family are living proof of that. So if you’re struggling with low energy, chronic overeating, extra pounds, sleep apnea, or diabetes symptoms, and think that low carb recipes or diet plans are the answer, this can't miss episode will greatly inspire you, demonstrating just how enjoyable, healing, and sustainable the whole food plant-based lifestyle can be! 

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