Power On Plants | Finding Plant-Based Joy

Ep #119 - How to Heal with Whole Plant Foods (part 1)

October 03, 2021 Regain Your Energy & Reclaim Your Life Episode 119
Power On Plants | Finding Plant-Based Joy
Ep #119 - How to Heal with Whole Plant Foods (part 1)
Show Notes

Are you struggling with your health and looking for a lasting way to prevent and reverse disease naturally? Where do you even start?

We know how overwhelming it can feel when you're living with low energy, pain, and extra pounds. You just need some answers that will give you lasting relief.

I remember when I had all of these things I wanted to do in life, but I wasn't able to do any of them because my health struggles kept holding me back. I spent my time just trying to survive the days.

Many days were spent in tears, frustration, and overwhelm because of poor health and how it held me back from living the full life I longed to live. But thankfully, that's not my story anymore and we don't want that to be your story either.

So join us today as we share how to heal your body in a way that's actually enjoyable.

We're talking about heart disease, autoimmune disease, vascular disease, digestive diseases, skin disorders, chronic fatigue, joint pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity too.

Should food really be thy medicine, or is food something else entirely?

How can you build an energy-filled life you love in a way that will last?

If you want to use whole food plant-based living to create a full life you love, you need much more than just recipes.

So join us today for the First Part of this incredible Series where we're unpacking how to adopt a whole food plant-based lifestyle in a way that actually works long term. 

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