Power On Plants | Finding Plant Based Joy

Ep #134 - Do This Next Year

December 27, 2021 Regain Your Energy & Reclaim Your Life Episode 134
Power On Plants | Finding Plant Based Joy
Ep #134 - Do This Next Year
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You've been looking for a  strategic plan to help you live your life to the fullest this year...

And so today, I'm going solo and sharing what's on my heart with you! 💕 #girltime

There are so many intentional women like us who just want a simple, straight-forward way to heal their body naturally so  they can "just feel good!"

I know exactly how that feels because I used to spend every single day being held back by my own health struggles from the things that I wanted to do most.

Oh, friend, I can not wait to share this episode with you! 🎉 

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Did you know that the most common health struggles today are related to food and lifestyle? Think about what incredible news that is. It means that there is something you can do to naturally prevent and even reverse the most common health problems, to finally feel great every day so you can live the full life you want to live,making special memories with your children and your grandchildren, fully experiencing the places you visit. Never again saying no to an opportunity you want to take just because you don't feel like it. And having the energy mental clarity and body confidence that will allow you to go farther,faster, to reach your full potential in your personal and your professional life. Want to know exactly how to get there.Stay tuned to find out. Hey there, sunshine. Welcome to the power on plants podcast, where your host, Jared and Anita Roussel and we're absolutely head over heels for whole plant foods, and helping you navigate this incredible plant based journey. That's because our lives have been completely changed by plant based goodness,we used to struggle every day with excess pounds and low energy, vascular disease, joint pain and lack of sleep just to name a few. And even though we're medical professionals, we still weren't getting practical answers that actually worked. So we dug into the research, we started living what we learned.And now we both have our lives back. And that's what we want for you too. The truth is you can do this, and it's not hard,you just need a way that will bring real and lasting change.And that path, it has to be simple and enjoyable. And it's got to be delicious, too. So are you ready to live your life to the fullest, then you're in the right place, because Living without limits. That's what power plants is all about. So pull up your chair, grab a matcha latte, and let's get started. Well, hello, Sister,how are you doing today, I am so glad that you stopped by to spend some time together. I know that there are so many amazing things you want to be able to do this year, and you have some exciting goals you want to reach. But first, your body needs to be well. So you can actually feel like doing them.Maybe you know that food has a lot to do with how your body feels and what you are or aren't able to accomplish with it on a regular basis. Truth be told,you probably realize you need to eat more fruits and vegetables every day. And that better nutrition would bring big changes in your health. And you're right. It's been proven time and again in the research.So many of the diseases that we've come to believe are genetic, they're actually lifestyle related. Science shows that again and again that the foods you put into your body every single day have a huge impact on whether your body turns genes on or switches them off. Gone are the days when we can blame our genes for all of our health struggles. And that's a fantastic thing. I want to share with you something personal. When I was so sick 10years ago, I was desperately searching for answers to my own health struggles. I was exhausted every day dealing with low energy and brain fog,vascular disease, extra pounds,fibrocystic breast disease, and some really strange autoimmune symptoms too. And nobody was telling me that there was something I could do to change it all. I went to other medical professionals hoping to get a name for my condition and some pill that would somehow miraculously treat my symptoms.And no one was offering real hope, a path I could follow that we get to the root of what was causing or at the very least fueling my health struggles.Then one day, thankfully, it finally dawned on me that once a diagnosis was found, all I would have was a name and some medicines to treat the symptoms,not treat the cause. Think about that for a minute. If I had chosen to stake all my claims there on a name for the condition and the meds that I could take to control the symptoms, the root cause would never have been addressed. And my health problems would have continued to get worse and worse over time. I'm so glad that's no longer my story. And I don't want it to be yours either.Studies show time and again,that the longest living healthiest groups of people on the planet have one thing in common. They eat a whole lot of whole plant feeds. For example,there's a group of people in Africa who don't develop vascular diseases that age.That's right, they don't get clogged arteries. Those in their group have zero risk of developing it. And you know what else they don't have. They don't have heart attacks or the other horrible diseases that develop as a result of decreased blood flow. While studying this group and others living a plant based lifestyle. Scientists found that it's not normal to have high blood pressure for it to get higher and higher as you age.That is not normal. When you regularly eat the foods your body requires You don't eat the ones that sabotage your health,blood pressure actually decreases as you age. The incredible health benefits of living plant based are shown in study after study, weight loss,increased energy, decreased brain fog, prevention and even reversal of the most common diseases today, like high cholesterol and heart disease,lung disease, digestive disorders, brain disease, joint pain, type two diabetes,depression and liver disorders,kidney disease and cancer just to name a few. There is no longer any doubt regarding the fact that whole plant foods are protective and even healing. So what can you do? I mean, when you know that you need to get rid of the foods that are sabotaging your health and replace them with fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. How can you make that work with real life? This is what I see so many amazing women struggling with every single day. You know that diets aren't the answer because eating bite sized portions of food that's hard to make tastes like cardboard, and it's about as enjoyable as stepping on Legos in the dark. That's never gonna work long term. The key to lasting help is this. finding joy and a way of living that is proven to bring lasting help.Jared and I are all about finding plant based joy, because it's completely changed our lives and the lives of our clients to this is how Brenda describes it. My husband and I started healthy plant based on our own, but we found it hard to do. And in May I met Jarrod and Anita and have been living plant based and loving it ever since I'm seeing amazing changes. I've gone from a size 12 to a size four without dieting, my neck pain and digestive problems are gone. My husband has increased energy and sleep, decreased blood sugars and many other benefits. Jarrod and Anita are amazing coaches, I really really really love what I'm eating.I've found food freedom and for me, there's no going back. And Laney shared, I had no idea that cooking was this easy and delicious. I'm really getting into plant based eating thank you for giving me inspiration and ideas for healthy meals. And Debbie told me having your training videos sets us up for success. I actually enjoy the food side fresh fruits and vegetables are so delicious when you really taste them in their natural state. Also, I've learned how to avoid the pressure that expecting things to be perfect can bring. Since I feel better overall, it's just easier to make healthy choices.So by now you're probably wondering how in the world can getting healthy and being truly happy, live in the same time zone. This is how if you want to heal your body so you can live the full life you're after,you've got to find a way to live. That is number one simple.It has to be easy enough to work with your busy schedule. Number two, it's got to be a way of living that you actually enjoy.No small portions are leaving the types of food she left behind. I promise it is possible to get healthy and enjoy your life all at the same time. And number three, if you want to heal your body, so you can live life to the fullest. The foods you eat, have to really taste good. These are the exact pillars we strategically built into all our trainings right inside our membership, Power Plant Society. And with January1 rolling around, we've decided to open the doors December 30through January 1 for 72 hours only. Now if you're listening to this later on, do not worry. Go right now to power on plants.com Ford slash membership and get your name onto the waitlist. So you'll be the first to know when the opportunity is available again, so you don't miss out.Now, maybe you feel like I've tried and failed more times than I can count. And when you feel that way, starting again can seem really overwhelming. I get it. But I want you to know that there is hope you can do this.This is your opportunity to build the full life you really want in your business and your personal life, your main asset,it's you. And if you don't take care of yourself, how are you going to be able to care for those in your life, make all the memories you want to have with them and leave your legacy in this world. We all have a choice between two stories I can or I can't. I will or I won't. And we get to make that choice every single day. Right now you have this choice. And when you step up into I can it's amazing what can happen. So what is your life gonna look like one week from now? One month from now six months from now even years from now. The choices you make today will determine your future reality. Sister I've looked forward to getting to know you,and helping you on your incredible journey to help. So be sure to get your name on the waitlist at power on planes.com Ford slash membership today so you don't miss out. No matter where you are on your journey.Know that I'm here for you in your corner cheering you on always. I'm wishing you all the best. And until next time, I'm raising this class as my favorite chocolate drink saying,Here's your help until life that's live to the fullest.